Local Gym Marketing

How It Works

How It Works

Maximum impact.
Minimum complexity.

There are tons of different tactics you can use to gain more customers. But no one can afford to do them all. Based on over two decades of digital marketing experience, we have created a program which combines the most effective tactics for gyms specifically. Read on to see how it works.

Analytics and Profile Setup & Configuration

Start with a solid foundation.

No marketing program will work if it does not have the proper support in place. That’s why we start your campaign by performing some critical foundational steps:

If you do not have Google Analytics installed, we will install it for you. We’ll set up your account, install tracking, apply event tracking for critical conversions, and more. If you DO have it installed, we will assess it completely and make any updates needed.

We will ensure that your Yelp profile is claimed and properly configured. We will set up your advertising campaign. Most importantly, we will optimize your entire page for maximum effectiveness, using features not available to non-advertising businesses. Your gym’s Yelp profile will never look better!

Your Google My Business page is critical to your Local SEO performance. We will set up and configure your page, optimizing all aspects and utilizing features that most businesses do not know about. Your profile will begin to provide critical signals Google is looking for in order to rank your site.

Local Gym Marketing
Local Gym Marketing
Local Gym Marketing

Yelp Advertising

Get customers fast.

We’ve found that Yelp Advertising is one of the most effective ways to get new customers quickly. Unlike Google, people on Yelp are not doing general research or reading up on topics. They are actively searching for businesses in order to purchase a product or service soon. That means we can get you in front of paying customers right away.

Local SEO Link Building

Build for the future.

Yelp is fantastic for fast customer acquisition, but there are limitations: Growth is tied to the amount of your ad spend. And if you stop advertising, then traffic from this source stops immediately.

That is why we simultaneously conduct a strong link building campaign in order to bolster your long-term local SEO rankings. Each month, we post gym- and fitness-related content on a wide network of relevant websites. This content paints an organic, relevant link profile for Google, which results in higher rankings.

Unlike paid advertising channels, this network of links is an investment that will continue to grow, improve your rankings, and drive more and more traffic to your gym.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Success now and in the future.

By accessing the highly-responsive audience on Yelp while simultaneously growing your organic presence, you get the best of both worlds: an immediate influx of new members but also consistent, long-term growth of relevant local customers. 

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